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A Profile of HZM

Chifeng HeZhengMei Chemical Co., Ltd. is professional manufacturer of highly pure nano montmorillonite in animal husbandry ,Montmorillonite products which produced by our company ispurified and processed referring to "pharmacopoeia" standard. We are the first domestic feed gradestandard of montmorillonite and certified professional production-oriented enterprises!

Chifeng HeZhengMei Chemical Co., Ltd. located in Chifeng region, the junction of Liaoning, Hebei and Inner Mongolia, that is recognized as domestic montmorillonite mineral belt with the best grade.Relying on the region's rich resources of high quality mineral montmorillonite, we also use purification and modification technology to produce ultrapure montmorillonite, which content can reach 90-98%,the products are completely accord with feed hygiene standard. The pharmacological and experiments prove that our products have high montmorillonite content, high crystallinity, and high interlayer charge. We are confident to say that we are the leader of the similar products at the domestic and overseas in the treatment and prevention of animal intestinal diseases, adsorption mold toxins and improve immunity, etc.

There are more than 160 employees in our company, 3 distinguished doctoral mentor advisers from Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences and China University of Geosciences, 2 professional animal nutrition doctors who focus on product research and service, 1 geology doctor, 1 chemistry doctor. More than 19 employees above master degree. We possesses strong team devoted to create professional products. 

We have a faith that only focusing on one area can we make our products best. Hezhengmei focus on the montmorillonite products R & D and application in the field of livestock. Combining high quality mineral exploration,montmorillonite purification technology with animal nutrition application steadily provide pure natural, high quality montmorillonite products to create the first brand of montmorillonite products in the field of animal husbandry !