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Product Details

Liquid toxin binder
Anti-mycotoxin  anti-diarrhea 

Product specification 
Organic intercalated modified montmorillonite
Bacillus  licheniformis 
Vitamin C etc
( aboved ingredients are the main components in two products)

Product features
Uniform water soluble   stable emulsion   no sediment   natural   visual effect

(Poultry special)
* Strongly adsorb all kinds of mycotoxins in poultry’s body, prevent and cure diarrhea and vomit which caused by bacterial and toxins
* Improve intestinal health, prevent poultry diseases, such as common gland gastritis and canker sores 
* Relieve immune suppression, improve immunity and premunition of poultry
* Reduce stress of poultry, increase feed intake, reduce breeding cost. 

Clinical effect test of 17 days meat duck taking 23 days Chang Shu Jian 
( Test address: Sai Fei Ya Cherry valley meat duck farm with ten thousand in Inner Mongolia)

experiment projects Number of meat duck ( piece) Death rate Average  weight(g) Feed consumption(g) Liver RW
0 Commodity duck feed growth 60 5% 2137 3001 2.87
1 Commodity duck feed growth+ take Chang Shu Jian 5% 2186 3024 3.00
2 Commodity duck feed growth+3ppm aflatoxin 35% 1592 2273 4.86
3 Commodity duck feed growth+3ppm aflatoxin+take Chang Shu Jian 6.6% 1915 2737 4.15

Test result:
1.Taking Chang Shu Jian can efficiently reduce death rate which caused by aflatoxin 
2.Taking Chang Shu Jian can improve feed consumption, increase meat percentage
3.Taking Chang Shu Jian can reduce the meat duck liver damage which caused by aflatoxin

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